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Budget data show need to resolve impasse

Recent budget data underscores the need to quickly resolve the state's ongoing budget impasse.

Governor lays out budget options

Praising current bipartisan efforts in the Senate, Gov. Bruce Rauner asked all lawmakers Feb. 15 to work with him to pass a balanced budget and structural reforms that will revitalize Illinois’ economy and grow jobs.

McConnaughay response to Governor’s budget address

Gov. Bruce Rauner’s third annual budget address on Feb. 15 underscored the urgency to pass a balanced state budget with reforms that will ensure sustainable future budgets and job growth, said State Sen. Karen McConnaughay.

Sen. Schimpf 2017 Budget Address Reaction

Sen. Anderson 2017 Budget Address Reaction

Sen. Fowler 2017 Budget Address Reaction

Sen. Connelly reacts to Governor Rauner’s Budget Address

“Governor Rauner once again laid out a clear plan to the General Assembly on how he envisions a budget deal. He stressed the importance of balancing the budget by cutting back on wasteful spending and enacting strong economic reforms that are necessary for Illinois to be able to create jobs.

Senator Weaver statement on budget address

Senator Syverson statement on budget address

Sen. Rooney Reacts to Budget Address

Barickman statement on Gov. Rauner’s budget address

"The budget address is always important because it allows the governor to present his vision for the state’s fiscal future and his funding priorities. Any budget plan will require approval from both the Senate and House, as well as the Governor. In light of the current budget negotiations taking place in the Senate, the Governor’s plan offers us guidance on what he will be willing to sign into law, and what new avenues the leaders need to explore during talks...

Sen. Tracy reacts to Governor’s Budget Address

Righter: A balanced budget solution must demonstrate first to taxpayers that the behavior of the past will not be the behavior of the future

"The reason we are in this financial mess is because state government, for more than a decade, has spent more than what it takes in. A balanced budget solution must first demonstrate to taxpayers that the behavior of the past will not be the behavior of the future." - Sen. Righter

Leader Radogno on the Governor's budget address

"I am heartened by the Governor’s speech today –and his very public demonstration once again of his willingness to work with Republicans and Democrats to bring Illinois out of this crisis..."

Rezin: Reforms and cuts must be the overwhelming aspects of any budget solution

“Enough is enough. Every day we go without a balanced budget only makes things worse for taxpayers, our schools, and social service providers and kicks our problems down the road even further. The time is now to act.” - Sen. Rezin