Flawed budget not offset by reforms

Notably, the budget was not buttressed by significant structural reforms for which Republican lawmakers have been advocating—such as property tax relief to offset the Democrats’ massive income tax hike. 

Republicans stressed that what Illinois really needed was a balanced budget that would have fundamentally placed Illinois on a path toward fiscal integrity into perpetuity—not yet another budget that kicks the can down the road to the next generation. 

All four caucuses were engaged in bipartisan, good-faith negotiations, and seemingly close to a break-through balanced budget and reform compromise that responsibly addressed the nearly $15 billion unpaid bill backlog and advanced important structural reforms, such as critical property tax relief for local taxpayers.

However, rather than allow those positive discussions to continue, by Sunday, July 2, the House instead opted to step away from negotiations and advance a massive tax hike without significant cuts, without significant reforms, without fully addressing the backlog of bills, and without any property tax relief to offset the income tax increase.

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