The Illinois Senate acted on a number of pieces of the so-called ‘Grand Bargain’ legislative package, according to State Sen. Paul Schimpf (R-Waterloo).

Senator Schimpf voted “no” on Senate Bill 6, which proposed spending for Fiscal Years 2017 and 2018 but significantly increased spending at a time when the state struggles to meet its obligations.

“I have been an outspoken proponent of ensuring that we get revenues out the door for K-12 education funding, Southern Illinois University, and our cash-strapped communities who are owed by the state of Illinois. Unfortunately, the appropriation was a bad deal for many of my constituents,” Schimpf said. “The appropriation package relied on a massive tax increase and unconstitutional pension provisions.”

Other components of the appropriations package would cut funds for local governments, smaller transportation agencies, and puts in place a number of fees.

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