Anderson Hunting Legislation Clears Committee

A measure sponsored by Senator Neil Anderson (Andalusia) that would help control overpopulation by expanding coyote hunting cleared the Senate Agriculture Committee on March 16.

“Recently, we have seen coyote populations increase, as well as seeing an uptick in sightings of coyotes in heavily populated areas,” said Anderson. “This overpopulation creates problems, not just for farmers, but also for people with pets.”

Anderson’s Senate Bill 1466 would allow a crossbow to be used to hunt coyotes at any time it is legal to do so with a bow and arrow. In recent years, concerns have been raised about the increasing coyote population and their migration into more heavily populated areas. . This measure would provide hunters with additional resources to keep the coyote population in check.

Today, in the state of Illinois, you can use a high-powered rifle to shoot a coyote, but not a crossbow. That’s just silly,’ Anderson noted. “This is a common-sense measure to help control a growing problem in a safe and effective way.”

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