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The costs of attending college are continuing to increase. Senate Republicans know that as higher education costs steadily increase, more and more students and families are looking for ways to tackle the costly burden of college tuition, fees, and room-and-board.

Experts suggest the best way to prepare for the costs of higher education is to talk honestly about these obligations and plan ahead. With that in mind, here is a helpful list of scholarship links, financial aid, grant information, college ranking sites and internship opportunities for those students interested in state government.

Finding the Right College

College Saving Accounts

Bright Start Program

Financial Aid

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission is an online resource designed to help you apply for financial aid, grants, and learn about ways to pay back loans and receive federal help.

Be sure to talk to your high school dean or guidance counselor, college admissions advisor, or college financial aid officer for help and information on how to properly fill out these forms.


Each year, the Department of Education, along with private and public colleges, have billions of dollars in scholarships available to students.    


Illinois Legislative Staff Internship Program

Public Affairs Reporting Internship

Dunn Fellowship

Graduate Intern Programs

Illinois has unique internship opportunities where an individual can with work the Statehouse Press Corps, Legislative Staff, Governor’s Office, or State Agencies.